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Omega 3 QH Ultra

If you came across a special nutrient that was able to provide you with these benefits affordably, easily and naturally, wouldn’t you want to look into it more?

Omega 3 QH Ultra

Omega 3 QH Ultra is believed to provide:

  • An increase in vigor and energy
  • Robust muscle and heart health
  • Sharp, focused thinking

If you came across a special nutrient that was able to provide you with these benefits affordably, easily and naturally, wouldn’t you want to look into it more?

I know I would! This is why I tried

Maybe you are one of those individuals that are a little skeptical. The people who founded this product were at first.

As a matter of fact, the researchers were extremely doubtful when the initial information about this ingredient was first leaked, and it took them nearly two years to finally complete their due diligence, and shortly after they confirmed its efficiency, they decided to create a fish oil formula that would re-energize your cells naturally providing you with benefits that could not be met by any other product.

What Is The Special Ingredient? 

This ingredient is known as CoQ10. However, it is not the original form of CoQ10 that you know about. It is a very unique form of CoQ10 known as Ubiqui(nol) from Japan where the individuals who developed the original CoQ10 are.

This form of CoQ10 that is found in many of the fish oil supplements known as Omega 3 QH Ultra that has been known for many years is known as Ubiqui(none) – or otherwise oxidized CoQ10.

However, if you are older than 40 you will need to take larger amounts of the supplement to receive the benefits, but the benefits can never be guaranteed. This is due to the fact that the body will need to convert the Ubiquinone into the Ubiquinol in order for it to work, and if you are older than 40, your ability to convert is not very effective anymore.

Although, by utilizing the minimized formation of Ubiquinol (CoQ10), your levels of CoQ10 in your blood might remain higher for a longer period of time. This is really what matters. You would like your ejection fraction to maximize, this is the amount of blood that is pumped along with each beat of the heart. Imagine if your heart could pump up to three times the power that it was beforehand.

Near the end of the clinical trial, the rates of improvement among the certain systems were palpitations75.7%, pulmonary rates 78.4%, edema 76.9% along with arrhythmia 62%. If the test subjects would have been able to gain the Ubiquinol in the fish oil from the Omega 3 QH Ultra, then the results could have been much better, and at a lower rate of dosage.

Take a moment to imagine you being able to maintain the amount of strength that your muscles have, as you get older. Your muscles are the primary way to remain young. Once you lose the mass in your muscles, your motor skills will commence to fail. You start packing on extra weight, and you feel and look older. In order to avoid this, you will need to have antioxidants to fight the damage of the free radicals that cause physical degeneration and oxidative stress.


There are quite a few antioxidants, and the most effective ones can be found in many products on the market, however the most vital one for your sustained energy and heart is the Ubiquinol formation of CoQ10. The best way to get this into your systems is to take the best fish oil supplements that are available, which happen to be Omega 3 QH Ultra.

What Are the Main Differences Between Ubiquinol and Normal CoQ10 in Omega 3 QH Ultra? 

  • Ubiquinol is the minimized formation of CoQ10 that will provide you with benefits to the health of your heart and will boost your levels of energy.
  • Ubiquinol is already in a formation that is ready to be used by the body and it is 4 – 9 times more efficient than the regular CoQ10. There are some instances where the dosage of Ubiquinol have been taken around 1/8th of the Ubiquinone rate and the CoQ10 blood levels have still multiplied, making it at least 16 times more efficient.
  • Ubiquinol is extremely sensitive to the air particles and will convert to Ubiquinone almost instantly if it is exposed. There are special procedures that need to be performed to eliminate the possibility of this happening when being manufactured.
  • There is simply one genuine form of Ubiquinol at it is the one that is made in Japan. Sometimes you will find copies from China that are not accurate. There are certain reasons why the one from Japan is the only one used.

Production of Energy 

The Ubiquinol has an extra set of electrons and when you are taking Omega 3 QH Ultra supplements, the Ubiquinol in it will donate both of its electrons to the bodies transport chain of electrons. This is what provides that spark to create ATP and thus make energy.

After going through this donation, the Ubiquinol goes back to being original CoQ10 which will continue to be used by the body and some of it, if you are lucky, will be converted back into Ubiquinol and the entire process will go again.

Large Array Of Benefits 

Besides the many benefits of cardiovascular health, which I greatly avail, and which may include hypertension, there are a lot more of the age related conditions in which there are great clinical trials showing that Ubiquinol provides benefits to.

As an example, the possibility of reducing the risk of some of these diseases like Parkinson’s as well as helping the immune system to boost and also assisting in relieving migraine headaches.

Why Should You Take Xtend-Life Omega 3 Fish Oil With Ubiquinol? 

As many consumers may realize, most companies won’t produce a product unless the benefits are significantly more than those that are already on the market. Although there are many other forms of CoQ10 fish oil on the market that might contain some of the same ingredients, there is no other productaround like Xtend Life’s Omega 3 QH Ultra. This is far superior to the supplements that are already available and they are much more economical.